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How it works

For hosts
For pet sitters

1Create your profile

Register at and create a user profile. Create a flat listing by saving your flats details, some information about your pets (e.g. if it is a cat or a dog).

2Set availability

Publish your flat listing by entering the time period when you will be traveling or not at home for any other reason.

3Get messages from sitters

People who want to travel and love pets find your flat listing. If they are intersested in sitting your pets they will contact you. You can arrange the details directly with the cat sitter

1Find a flat

Hosts that want to travel and need a catsitter or dogsitter publish a flat listing. You can search these flat listings.

2Create your profile

Register at and create a user profile. Create a pet sitter profile by adding information about your experiences with living with cats or dogs or as catsitter or dogsitter.

3Contact the host

If the hosts travel dates and expectations about the pet sitter match your wished travel dates and experiences as petsitter, you can contact the host. When the hosts accepts you, you can arrange any details direcly with him or her. Enjoy your vacation with pets.

What is this about?

We are all about creating a relaxed travel experience for our sitters and hosts. Since we are just starting, our services will be free of charge during the beta phase. So hurry up and give us a try. Without any strings attached, we promise.


Want to travel but don't know what to do with your cat? You need to go on business trips and can't bring your dog along? We know the problem of always asking friends and neighbours to feed our cats. But sometimes it's not enough to have somebody at home for a few minutes taking care of the basic needs of our loved ones. Our pet sitters like to travel as well and would like to have a pet around during that time. Open your doors to them and enjoy the peace of mind knowing, that your cats won't go crazy alone while you're on vacation.

Pet sitters

You love animals and always lived with a cat or dreamed of having a dog. But now you don't have the space or the time to look after a pet. We offer you the possibility to at least spend your vacation in the company of a new pet friend. In addition you can save a lot of hotel costs. Our hosts are happy to have somebody they can trust to look after their pets while they are on their vacation, business trip or whatever leaves them in need of a pet sitter.

Verified pet sitters on Petsnflats

It's not easy to leave your beloved pets and your flat with a stranger. We take these concerns serious and provide our sitters with the possibility to verify their identity.
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The team

We are mostly quiet domestic people but love to travel from time to time. Since we live together with our three cats Alter, Felix and Kiri we always faced the one problem: what should we do with them? We tried to leave them at a friends place. Alter was fine, but the others were hiding behind a cupboard all the time. Another time we asked our neighbour to feed them. This was OK for a couple of days, but after some time thez got lonely and are bursting of energy. The place was a mess and the cats crazy for us. The last time we wanted to have a long vacation and we knew, that the cats wouldn't like that. We were lucky and found a friend, who was looking for a flat at that time. So she stayed at our place, did not have to pay rent and looked after our cats. Win win! Best thing: Out cats were totally happy and didn't even care to much, when we came back! Good sign.
is the one, that let's you know about us and takes care of the business side.
is the one, that makes everything look nice and improves your experience.
is the one, that takes care of the tech and creates/fixes bugs.
is the energetic one. Loves to chase stuff but is afraid of every noise.
is the old one. A gentle soul combined with a stubborn mind. Does everything for cheese.
is the cute one. Did not grow so much and is just amazingly cute. Loves to sing.

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