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1 Room Apartment, Big Bed, 2 out-door cats

Flexible availability
located in Berlin | pets living here: Lola and Marie
Hello :) I am living in Berlin in an One-Room- Apartment with my 2 out-door cats. The Flat has a size of 37m2 and has a kitchen and a bathroom with everything you need. Right around the corner is a huge park and an underground station is 2 Minutes from my home. I am travelling to Poland for almost 1 week from the 20th to the 26th of march and i am seeking for somebody who wants to live in my flst during that time and feed/cuddle my cats during that time. So if youre interested write me a message :) Chaleena

The pets

2 very adorable and easy-to-handle cats. They never ever bite or scratch. They love to be cuddled and when humans talk to them.
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