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Live in a beautiful neighbourhood with loving kittoes

Flexible availability
located in Toronto | pets living here: Milo and Momma
I live on the second floor of an old home in Bloor West Village. The house is literally across the subway so getting downtown (Bloor and Bathurst) is 12 minutes. You can walk to High Park in 10minutes or to the lake in 18-20minutes. There are 3 bakeries within 3minute walk so you can eat and burn off the calories by running to the the park or lake. The grocery stores and LCBO is also 2min walk so what else would you need? It's a 2-bedroom house with own washer and dryer and also a porch (but let's be real its going to be winter so it won't be much fun sitting out there). I do have a really nice and communicative roommate who you will be sharing the space if you were interested. She will also be moving out end of December.

The pets

Milo is 12 years old and Momma (good story behind her name) is 11 years old so they are considered "senior" cats except you wouldn't know because they are still quite playful kitties. They love being around people and never been around dogs. They have an auto-feeder so feeding them is easy. I clean their litter box every 2 days and give them fresh water every morning. They are both indoor cats and I take them to the vet every year so they have all their vaccines up to date. I would say they are very relaxed and easy cats to take care of, they mostly just want love and attention. They love their butt and chin scritches haha Momma is an odd cat that loves her belly rubs more than anything else.
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