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Quiet Apartment in Huntsville, TX

Available between
Jun 1, 2019 - Aug 27, 2019
located in Huntsville | pets living here: Enzo
-Studio apartment with bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen area (456 square feet) -Laundry facilities on site -pool & clubhouse with free coffee -Wifi and cable TV included -quiet apartment complex -less than a 10 minute walk to Sam Houston State University and several food options

The pets

Enzo is a two year old snowshoe cat with a lot of energy and a huge personality! He loves going on walks outside with his leash, and knows several tricks. He is very social, and friendly with new people, dogs, and cats. He's pretty energetic as far as cats go, and definitely needs some designated playtime or a walk each day. He needs to be fed twice a day, and I scoop his litter box twice a week.
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