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Verified pet sitters on Petsnflats

It's not easy to leave your beloved pets and your flat with a stranger. We take these concerns serious and provide our sitters with the possibility to verify their identity.

What do I need as a sitter to be verified?

To verify your identity you need to follow two steps when creating or updating your sitter profile

  • Upload a photo of an identity document showing a picture of your (like ID or passport)
  • Take a selfie and upload it

We store these images in a secure location and only a few team members have access to them. We view the images and compare the identity document to the selfie. Additionally we update the information you provided like your first name, if it is not matching the document.

As a host: How can I see, that a sitter is verified??

Not all sitters on Petsnflats are verified. If a sitter is verified the shield icon will be shown below the avatar in the sitter profile like below.

example avatar on verified sitter profile

If an unverified sitter contacts you, ask them to get verified, if it makes you more comfortable.

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